COVID-19 Awareness Outreach program at HIP

Different awareness programs were provided to Hawassa Industrial Park workers starting from End of January by the Investors Association. Some of the major ones are as follows: 

  • Coordinating with EPHI team, regional health bureau health and Hawasssa city administration health department representatives several physical trainings were given to the workers in their respective factories.Workers,HRs,Nurses were trained.
    • The trainings were given to all 22 companies that exist in the park in various sessions.
  • Audio awarness is being provided through the Park FM Radio – Audio content was donated to us by the John Hopkins University
  • Several awareness material (using WHO and MOH guidelines) has been distributed to workers in three rounds
  • Total amount of awareness material distributed was 90,000 brochures of various kinds of awareness messages
  • A community outreach in collaboration with Investors Association, IPDC and Enterprise partners was conducted in 10 sub-city of Hawassa where most of the park workers lives.
  • The Hawassa Industrial Park Investors Association had distributed 35,000 anti bacterial soaps to all workers in the park on May 7th 2020  
  • The Hawassa Industrial Park Investors Association donated faced masks with a cost of 600,000ETB to both Hawassa City Administration and SNNPR on 21st May 2020.

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