The United States Agency for International Development’s (USAID) Worker Wellness Alliance (WWA) project presents an agile and measurable platform for worker, community, government and private-sector engagement that aligns and supports Ethiopia in its Journey to Self reliance. Worker Wellness Alliance works in Hawassa City, which is home to the largest industrial park in Ethiopia. Industrial


Plan International USA seeking support from The Children’s Place, as per the social change mandates of both organizations and most synergistic area of need has designed and developed a project known as Parenting the Children’s Place. The project realized the majority of the female workers arriving into Hawassa Industrial Park faced major challenges that if

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This program is being implemented by Care with a fund from PVH and GIZ. Since the program started in March 2021,265 operators are trained and graduated. The training program comprises six modules including communication, Time and Stress Management, Problem Solving and Decision Making, Financial Literacy etc… The program is implemented in 5 Companies (Century Garments,

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In addition to personal advancement and Career enhancement training, Care Ethiopia is also conducting a project in the community which is known as ’Buna Tetu’. Under this project, trainings have been provided for 250 garment workers on Communications, Time and Stress Management, Problem Solving, so and so forth. Additional services which are offered under this


BRIDGES is a five-year programme that aims to create employment opportunities for youth by unlocking the job creation potential of industrial parks (IPs) and other anchor enterprises (AEs) and their surrounding ecosystem including micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs). BRIDGES employment linkage was officially launched at HIP on October 1st, 2020. The projects that were

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A Projects with GIZ The Hawassa Industrial Park( HIP), initiated by the Ethiopian government in cooperation with the private sector, currently hosts about 23 international garment manufacturers, producing goods for the US and the European markets. Companies at the HIP face several challenges: lack of qualified workers and management personnel, lack of appropriate career guidance

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Project with ILO and GIZ Prevention and Awareness Campaigns When Covid 19 broke out at Hawassa Industrial Park, a range of activities were carried out in cooperation with ILO and GIZ. Some of interventions are: Behavioural changing campaigns Community outreach activities Distribution of PPEs to workers and health professionals Production and distribution of communication materials

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SW (Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevoelkerung) is an international development and advocacy organisation With a focus on achieving a universal access to sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), which is fundamental to improving health and fighting poverty. The project has been facilitating the below services: Peer education in family planning, sexually transmitted diseases and the like

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76 female factory workers graduates after attending 48 hours of personal advancement and career enhancement training( PACE). 50 female Century Garment and 26 JPT textile female workers respectively graduated on May 14/2022 after attending 48 hours personal advancement and career enhancement training . The girls have been pursuing  soft skill and life skill trainings and they

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