Labor sourcing and screening- a project with Bridges Foundations

BRIDGES is a five-year programme that aims to create employment opportunities for youth by unlocking the job creation potential of industrial parks (IPs) and other anchor enterprises (AEs) and their surrounding ecosystem including micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

BRIDGES employment linkage was officially launched at HIP on October 1st, 2020. The projects that were handed over to Bridges from EP include:

Bridge has been providing the below services to Hawassa Industrial Park:

▪ The labor database

The program provides a digitalized matching of HIP labour demand with the supply of job seekers through sustainable sourcing, screening, grading, job placement and training mechanisms.

Provision of basic soft skills induction training that improves performance on the factory floor and worker engagement, motivation and expectation.

▪ Tatari project

Tatari is an integrated scheme of recurrent saving, which will be leveraged to access loan that diligent workers to set up and run a viable MSMES with additional multi-level support from government. In short term, TATARI works to improve the labor, mobilization, retention and performance, while, in the long term, the young workforce would change the perception that considers factories as a learning ground to a better future.