A Consensus was reached to continue the current cooperation between  HIPIA , Hawassa University, TVET, and public colleges in improving the employability of fresh graduates in HIP under the develop PPP program that will come to an end on 1st of July 2022. Following a workshop organised in Hawassa on April 20/2022, HIPIA has signed a

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International women’s day was commemorated at Hawassa Industrial Park. The day was celebrated with events, speech and other programs in a way that honor the work and achievement of women to achieve their full potential at the park. International women’s day was marked with motto of ‘break the bias’ in an effort to break the

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Frequent behavioral change campaigns organized at the park have motivated workers to get vaccinated. Covid 19 pandemic remains to be one of the greatest challenges affecting the well-being of workers across the globe. The impact of the virus is particularly detrimental to manufacturing industry considering the fact that the nature of the industry exposes workers

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Please check out Ethiopian Investment Comission’s (EIC) COVID-19 dedicated tab which includes latest Government Measures and other business related resources Learn More We are happy to share with you the PPE Calculator which is now ready and available on IFC PPE website: It is an easy and fast way for companies to evaluate Capex and working capital needs when

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Different awareness programs were provided to Hawassa Industrial Park workers starting from End of January by the Investors Association. Some of the major ones are as follows:  Coordinating with EPHI team, regional health bureau health and Hawasssa city administration health department representatives several physical trainings were given to the workers in their respective factories.Workers,HRs,Nurses were

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