Covid 19 prevention and vaccination awareness campaign-Project activities with ILO and GIZ

Project with ILO and GIZ

Prevention and Awareness Campaigns

When Covid 19 broke out at Hawassa Industrial Park, a range of activities were carried out in cooperation with ILO and GIZ. Some of interventions are:

  • Behavioural changing campaigns
  • Community outreach activities
  • Distribution of PPEs to workers and health professionals
  • Production and distribution of communication materials (posters, audio, video)
  • Capacity building trainings to health professionals

Vaccination campaigns

  • 47% of the park population vaccinated
  • Awareness campaigns :
    • health professionals
    • community elders
    • religious leaders
    • comedians
  • Refreshment trainings to health officers in factories and regional and city health bureau
  • Recognition award for health workers