Nearly 47 percent of the population at Hawassa Industrial Park is fully vaccinated.

Frequent behavioral change campaigns organized at the park have motivated workers to get vaccinated.

Covid 19 pandemic remains to be one of the greatest challenges affecting the well-being of workers across the globe.

The impact of the virus is particularly detrimental to manufacturing industry considering the fact that the nature of the industry exposes workers to work in close contact.

In response to this, Hawassa Industrial Park in partnership with its project partners has carried out a range of activities to combat the effect of the pandemic both at park and in the community.

What action taken to curb the impact of Covid 19 pandemic at HIP and in the community?

  • Training of the trainer was given to 23 Hawassa Industrial Park nurses and first aid safety workers.
  • Refresher training was also provided to 43 Sidama regional and Hawassa city health care workers on contact tracing, Covid 19 surveillance, risk communication in Arbaminch.
  • The training mainly focused on Covid 19 surveillance mechanism, risk communication, case detection and isolation at the workplace with both theoretically as well as practical methods.
  • Behavioural changing campaignswere also conducted in seven kebeles in Hawassa through van’s mobility for 10 consecutive days by travelling in areas where our employees spend their spare time, such as in market areas, residential areas, grain grinding places, crowded roads and at the entrance and exit of the two gates of Hawassa Industrial Park.
  • Likewise, behavioural change campaigns on Covid 19 were also organized with popular comedians
  • 54 banners on the pandemic precautionary measures and 56 banner messages on the efficacy of the vaccine were published and disseminated.
  • 2 billboards were produced and posted around the gate.
  • 40 foot-operated dispensers along with 500 litter of sanitiser were distributed to companies at Hawassa Industrial Park on 2 June 2021.
  • 2 hand-washing stations and 60 litter of sanitiser have also been provided for IPDC.
  • Audio material spot was also developed in Amharic and Sidamic Languages and transmitted through the park community radio.
  • Big mask event was organized and thank you certificates were given to 53  Sidama regional and Hawassa city front line health care workers and a
  • Big mask event was organized and thank you certificates were given to 53  Sidama regional and Hawassa city front health care workers and administrative members and institutions.

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