What We Do

The Hawassa Industrial Park Investors Association (“HIPIA”) is a non-profit-making organization that represents the investors working in the Hawassa Industrial Park in the city of Hawassa in Ethiopia.

It was incorporated in 2016 and has twenty two members from India, Sri Lanka, China, Hong Kong, United States of America, Ethiopia, France, Belgium, Taiwan, and Indonesia.

Among our members, we have three local and eighteen foreign suppliers to the European and American Textile and Apparel market.

Our Mission

  • To foster the development and competitiveness of the Textile and Apparel Sector in Ethiopia.
  • To enhance the professional standards of the industry to ensure that they are in line with international best practices.
  • We believe the interests of our members can be best served by: Consultation, Stakeholder Management and Project Management
  • HIPIA actively works with related regulatory bodies and industry stakeholders to ensure proper representation of members’ views in the development of policies and regulations governing the Textile and Apparel industry in Ethiopia.
  • Acquire Investors’ alignment around the IA’s mission, long-term goals and core policies and services impacting the operations of all Investors.
  • Build relationships with, represents the voice of Investors and influences external parties on behalf of the Investors including, among others Ethiopian Prime Minister’s Office,Economic Investment Commission (EIC), Industrial Parks Development Commission (IPDC),Ministry of Industry (MoI);Ethiopian Customs,ESL(Ethiopian Shipping Line), and ETIDI(Ethiopian Textile Industry Development Institute)
  • Works closely with government representatives from the Federal and Regional government;
  • Leads in coordinating with and aligning Investors on and following through on service requirements including negotiating and securing required services; monitoring and assessing service quality;
  • Enforces rigorous and effective program and project management, development, quality assurance and standards in line with the Association polices;
  • Aligns investors on common initiatives and events beneficial to Hawassa Industrial Park workers and overall business climate;
  • Liaises with donors and non-governmental organizations wishing to interact with and/or provide support to HIP.

If you have any queries or wish to obtain more information on Hawassa Industrial Park Investors Association after browsing our site, please email us at hipinvestorsassociation@gmail.com