Governance Structure

The Hawassa Industrial Park Investors Association (HIPIA) has two tier of leadership. The Executive Committee, comprised of at least one CEO or senior-executive level staff from each company, is responsible for making strategic decisions and ensures that the HIPIA lives up to its stated goals and standards. 


The HIPIA also has a Management Committee, comprised at least one representative from each Investor who works in the Hawassa Industrial Park. The Management Committee is responsible for implementing the strategies and decisions of the Executive Committee, as well as making day-to-day decisions that impact the HIP and HIPIA.


The HIPIA is supported by a CEO and a Project Management team who are recruited by the Executive Board.

Executive Committee

The HIPIA Executive Committee meets quarterly in a destination decided by its members. The Executive Board is led by three Executive Officers: a President, a Secretary and a Treasurer, who is elected every two (2) years.

Management Committee

The Management Committee meets monthly where each company sends a representative with decision-making authority to the monthly Investors Association meetings.